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Sweet Seeds Sweet Afghani Delicious S.A.D. Auto - Pre Mix Soil - CFL 200W

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I am super psyched for my first grow!! and as promised when joining the forum will like to share the good bits and the mistakes with fellow farmer newbies. Would love your support and love.

Strain selection
Based on a really short grow time available to me, I narrowed down to a few fast indica based strains. I ordered the SAD auto from sweet seeds on the following parameters:
  1. Short seed to harvest cycle (8 weeks claims)
  2. Expected yield 40 to 100 gms which is relatively high for autos(claimed)
  3. Low height plant 40 to 90 cms

Medium Selection
Factors for selection were price and availability. Pretty much on a shoestring budget. :17::17:I selected an organic soil with 1.3 KGs premixed (14-7-15)fertilisers per meter cube of soil. Basically, the soil that had the closest fertiliser mix in the lowest proportion. Potted in 25 Cm pots each with 9 ltr soil.

Mistakes Made No added perilite for better oxygen supply for roots (We will see how that turns out)

Mammoth lite 60/60 grow tent with 200W 2700K CFL and T100 exhaust

Mistakes Made
Not buying optimal light for grow phase something like 6500K 125 W CFL would be awesome. I'll add it as soon as I can but these babies will have to do without it.

Germinated the seeds by overnight dipping in water and subsequently using paper towel method. Sprouted in 36 hours. The seeds were then directly planted in the big pots (someone at another forum suggested this for the same seeds, can't find the source again but I remember for sure that i read it.:tokin:

Adding images from Day 3 after sprouting.

I water the plants around the potting area just to keep the medium nice and moist. Am now on day eight of the grow and posting pictures from night 7 from starting germination.

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Ian Bastage

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Great start BabaFloozy. Good luck with your quick grow.


And welcome to 420! :welcome:
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Hey there.Looks interesting.Im new here i may be mistaken but they may be strechingIts similiar to my grow which im planning
Hey Pinappleguy, Glad that your'e following my little grow.

I thought that the plants are stretching too. But I just brought the lights closer for the last two days and they look much healthier now on day 9. Hopefully, it isn't stretching but I'll keep an eye on it.

Great start BabaFloozy. Good luck with your quick grow.


And welcome to 420! :welcome:
Thanks, Ian. Have come across some of your really cool posts on the forum. Happy to contribute in this great forum.
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As the days go on... my excitement grows! The leaves are getting bigger and the plant hopefully stronger.:circle-of-love::circle-of-love:

I have starting adding a bit of Apple cider vinegar to the water to regulate PH which for my tap water was about 8.3-8.5. (shoestring budget remember :3::3:

To share my excitement, I am adding a few snaps from day 8 and 9. You really can't see much difference but just want to share as much as I can to make the grow world a better place :Namaste:

Day 8

Day 9

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Update time.... Day 11 and I see a few more leaves prospering. I'm thinking of switching to an 18-6 lighting schedule from a 24/7. Should I just do it or make it like a slow progression ......1 hour, 2 hours.....so on. Can I keep the dark hours during daytime considering I don't have a auto timer (noob question though)

I am going to get a few nutes for the plants as well in a couple of days. I'll update you guys when I get them I think the pre fertilized soil is going to be good for the first month/3 weeks. Once the plant enters blooming I think I would start loading it with a few nutes. I would love to hear the opinion of more experienced growers on this.

And now for the customary images... Day 11:55:



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Welcome baba to 420. I think your could go to 18/6. Wouldn't hurt anything. I've grown some autos from sweet seeds. Mine were dark devil's. They went 9 1/2 weeks. They turned out to be really nice smoke. I'll hang out and watch the show
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It’s update time.... as the babies get bigger and stronger. Day 13 today and both babies have new leaves and look strong and plush. I have changed the light cycle to 18/6 .....thanks to mioutdoorsman. :high-five:

I have also added some cured egg shells to keep the nitrogen cal/mag supply up. Use it with a bunch of other plants.... hope it works with these babies too. One plant is visibly larger than the other as the pictures will tell yall. I’m trying to keep it closer to light but think it is just down to genetics. Let’s see if it catches up with the other one. Following are some pictures .... hope you like them.:Namaste:

I’ll hopefully be back with my next update in a few days.

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DAY 15 Ladies and gentlemen,


This is increasingly looking like one legendary grow. The plants have taken off literally and are growing really fast. Though one is visibly smaller than the other but I think both are strong and healthy.

The plants seem to have taken well to the new light schedule (18/6) and its seems to be better than 24/7 to me (personal opinion backed by the feeling I get with faster growth I'm getting with my babies.

Yet to start on nutes, most probably will start next week. Really appreciate the encouragement fellas and I'll keep posting....will be back with an update soon.

The photoshoot from day 15:

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Hello fellow farmers,


Welcome to my next update. My babies have just started to give a sweet aroma and I can't begin to describe the feeling. The lemon haze blunt that I just finished, is a perfect mate. I can't thank 420 magazine enough for the inspiration that I got from reading tonnes of grow journals, before actually deciding to hop on a grow journey myself. Day 17 and the babies look strong and healthy.

I am officially a big fan of the 18/6 light cycle for auto flowering plants. My babies just took off as soon as I started letting them sleep for a while. I'm watering every day about 200 ml water and some apple cider vinegar for each plant.

:rollit: Time for another blunt and going to watch "The Big Lebowski"... Enjoy the photos from today's little photoshoot.


Much Love


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not enough humidity bud, thats why the leafs are wavy. Im going to tell ya this right now, using those lights, dont expect to get more then 20grams, if that even. Not being a a$$ bro, just sayin, dont get your hopes up high. Even thos it says 100grams, you have less then 1/4 of the light you need to achieve those numbers.

good luck
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not enough humidity bud, thats why the leafs are wavy. Im going to tell ya this right now, using those lights, dont expect to get more then 20grams, if that even. Not being a a$$ bro, just sayin, dont get your hopes up high. Even thos it says 100grams, you have less then 1/4 of the light you need to achieve those numbers.

good luck
Thanks, Mayne. I sorta knew beforehand that my yields will be like the lower lower end of advertised yields but I think 20 gms from 2 plants is a little too less. Let's see, hopefully at least one plant should produce like 30-35 gms, but your experience can't be discounted. I would be happy with 20 gms per plant will as I am the only consumer of the bud. So, it should last me more than the time I need for a fresh crop.

Regarding humidity issues, are there any quick fixes for this. Right now, I am unable to monitor humidity which I think would be on the lower side. Any DIY options?
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Bringing you another update after a while. The big news is that the flowers have started blooming in my little grow nest. Both babies are healthy, though one is almost twice the size of the other. I really don't know the reason of this because I've given both plants absolutely same everything. So, it should be down to genetics.

I have increased the water supply to 400 ml per plant per day. To start the flowering, even though these were autos, I gave a full 24 hr cycle of darkness to these babies, and the flowering started in like 2 days. I don't know if it was a coincidence or the trick worked. But I can see small white trichomes starting to appear. SUPER EXCITED!! :drool::drool:

Adding some photos from Day 26!!



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They are looking good man. Keep up the good work and I am sure they will produce for you. We never know output until harvested and dried as there are many variables. On my last grow (Photos) I was projecting 56 grams per plant of bud. Even after harvest I felt good about hitting my number. After drying I was surprised and very pleased with 200.

I will be trying my first Autos in January and hoping for 40 grams per plant.

Each grow will help us learn from our mistakes and make us that more successful on our next grow.
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Fellow Farmers,

A big :Namaste:

Update day today with new photos. The flowers are in bloom and the room is full of the sweet fragrance. I seems like yesterday that I started this grow but looking at my 80 cms long baby#1, it seems like ages. Lemme dazzle you guys with some photos of the first plant.

The height of this plant is almost two times the height of the second baby. They almost look like different strains, I am unable to understand this huge difference in height given they have been put in identical pots were germinated together and are fed the same amount of water and nutes, but, I'm happy that both are healthy and starting to produce.

Some pictures of baby#2

I must add that I've started adding nutes to the plants now. Both are on biobuzz bloom and are watered every second day with 700ml water each. The light cycle is 18-6. I've put a box under the shorter plant for getting it closer to the light.

Now, let me talk a bit about my situation. I'm travelling away from home for a month for a preplanned vacation and can't reschedule or get someone to babysit my plants. Hence, I'll have to harvest early, probably around 15-16 December. I know that the plants are not going to be done before that but I'll harvest them still. What's trickier is how I should go about drying and curing!! Can anyone guide me if I could do something creative to best save my harvest without loosing on too much taste or flavour. Outside it would be snowing, I'm thinking of keeping the bud for drying in my tent itself on plastic mesh. (I can keep the fan on if needed) and I'll open an exhaust window. So the drying temperature would be about 12-14 degrees and it may survive 4 weeks drying but really no way to guard against fungi or mold. Any advice from the experienced farmers is desperately needed.

Lastly, I bid a goodbye with a photo of my grow tent.:woohoo:

Stay Elevated,