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First cycle was 8 grams of Daddy’s Lil’ Devil (DDA x GDP) in about 118 ml of coconut oil. The second cycle was 8 grams of DDA added to the strained first cycle. LSL added after the second strain.

I’m figuring the suppositories will be just over 30 mg apiece. That’s triple what the last batch was, and closer to what I was planning.

I’ll take it through a few solid/liquid cycles today to stir that lecithin in better.

Next batch I’ll make the oil ahead of time and let it sit unstrained until I need it, see if I can make it Rocket Fuel potential. :slide:

My experience with Rocket Fuel Brownies is they knock me on my butt when I have one after 5 PM. A couple times there one sent me to bed before 9 PM, not the norm for me at all. They’ve been widely accepted among friends who tried them.

I have so many things going on at once now It’d be easy to lose focus. Lol! Today I took a dose of Dust after having a small meal, to gauge the difference in onset with food in the stomach, then I strained this oil and licked my fingers without thinking about it.

I’m just about to start soaring. :laugh2:
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