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It gets pretty hard to work at this temp
you'll drop solubility
purity over quantity is my goal
the only way is to freeze the solvent n bud, both n fzr... in mason jars you hopefully process in, as well, cause trichs WILL break off when fzn... so when u get the dry ice, ummm... u don't have to sweat time coolin so much cause u want the wash, completed, ideally in under 30min n preferably, 20... picks up less chlorophyll
I'm forgetting something-
lemme concentrate a moment

and yes, the 240 plateau, lasts only a minute, r so.

this is the size I'm needin, ideally and i just did mason lids, with drilled holes to hold back the budtide from the screen over the buchner

obviously, it adds up, but so does a pound per quarter of clinic garbage

dosing a grain of rice off an abbazabba r laffy taffy so to speak
ain't the smartest idea

and if clinics started using only best ofs
people would freak out
needs to b predosed in capsule so u don't get crazy, unless that's desired, effects n that's y i won't do edibles anymore cause y bother
if u ain't gonna put ur back into it

sooo the 3oz n 54 grams if kief, stomped into the mbe2, with 3 sticks of unsalted butter, in 3 dozen cookies, took down the poolmanz entire family of four, with just one bite and cop momz won't trust me, anymore, nir did i appreciate having to drive to town, at 0200, to hold her hand througha mild greenout... hence, as i said... i don't do edibles, anymore.

u can split a cooler
i use those big fzn foam steak shippin boxes, instead of blowin through my corona coolerz



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@Indiva710 and @SPARECHANGE - I regret to inform you that SweetSue has moved on. She asked me to let people know that she's happy and healthy.
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@Indiva710 and @SPARECHANGE - I regret to inform you that SweetSue has moved on. She asked me to let people know that she's happy and healthy.
Wow, what a blow for the site...and humankind. The main reason I signed up was SweetSue's posts and always felt that she really loved engaging on this particular platform to share what she learned. Figured she'd be around this place...forever. I've only really been a lurker here, yet her impact was such that I felt the need to post this to express my personal gratitude:

Thanks for all of the research you've done over the years. Hopefully someone with a brain and heart as big as yours will pick up the torch. Thank you for your kind, cheery, inclusive and positive attitude. And your tireless curiosity and thirst for knowledge in this realm. You will most definitely be missed.
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I cant seem to find Amentoflavone, Does anyone know any substitutes

Have you tried using our search function?

I saw a bunch of posts stalking about it, all the data you need is here, you just have to look for it.
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