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SWICK Watering Systems: Letting The Plant Water Itself


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Thanx Greenjean.

You’ll see there’s not much of my own innovation here, rather I’ve cherry picked small bits that fit my needs from several contributors of this thread.

There was a lot of discussion concerning a variety of possibilities for basins. The one that caught my attention was a couple of posts suggesting construction of a custom sized unit using 2X? lumber.

This was perfect for maximizing the floor space afforded by my grow box. I used to be an avid woodworker. While the passion has dimmed somewhat, the shop is still fully intact and I have a mountain of lumber. Grabbed some random 3/4” plywood and whipped up nifty box to fit my space well. The interior measures 20”X40”X6” deep.

I used some 40 mil vinyl shower pan material to line it with. Probably a bit of an overkill but I didn’t want to worry about possible leaks.

To be continued........
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