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Swiss National Arrested For Consuming Marijuana

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Bandung, W. Java - A Swiss national, JMFG (46) was detained by West Java police for consuming marijuana in a cafe at Pangandaran Beach in Ciamis, West Java. The police arrested JMFG on Sunday (Feb 3) after finding two rolls of marijuana on him, West Java Police spokesman Senior Commissioner Dade Achmad told the press here Monday.

The police also arrested a local resident, HSM (40), who had been a police target for some time as a suspected marijuana seller to tourists and local drug users. HSM told investigators , he had bought the drugs from Aples who is still at large. "I bought this from Aples for Rp50,000 per small package. I did it because JMFG asked for the drug. We split one package into three rolls and smoked it together," he said.

Meanwhile, JMFG who had adopted the local name of Mas Soma, said he did not know that smoking marijuana was against the law. "I thought, like in my country, I can freely smoke marijuana here. I didn`t know it is different here," he told a police officer in fluent Indonesian.

Soma had frequently came to Indonesia, especially to Pangandaran where he married a Madurese woman seven years ago.

His arrest confused him. "If I am to be deported, then I cannot return to Indonesia and meet my wife. I don`t want to go back to Switzerland. I want to be an Indonesian citizen and die here," he said.

Dade Achmad said, the two suspects had violated Law No 22/1997 on narcotics which was an offense carrying a maximum penalty of 10 years in jail.

Source: ANTARA
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