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Switch HPS bulbs to MH bulbs using same ballast?


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Hi, now I have a Yield Lab Professional Series 120/220v 1000W Double Ended Complete Grow Light Kit, it came with the 1000w HPS light bulb, but can I switch it to a 1000w MH light bulb with this same grow light kit?
The question seems stupid but i couldnt find an answer. :6::6:


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The reason is I dont want to use this HPS light bulb for the veg stage. because MH light is better for veg stage right?
its my first grow. anything will help, thx.

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Depends on your ballast. Mine can power both bulbs. Did yours come with both bulbs? If it did then use them. Mh for veg. Hps for flower. Got a pic of your ballast? Good luck.


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I don't think so- they do sell some ballasts that can accept either MH or HPS, and those ones clearly mention the capability. This one only talks about HPS. It is dimmable though, which is helpful.
You can buy a separate MH ballast for veg, and have the option to expand to a two room perpetual grow in future.


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this is what i have,


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