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Switching back to Veg after 2 days of flowering - failed timer, etc...


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Thanks for taking the time to help!

Shortest version possible, my journal is in the signature below for added detail.

Short list of set-up: I am using FIM, in #5 Smart Pots, Organic soil / nutes (GOBox), 3 trained plants and in a custom SCROG I haven't yet put photos of quite yet (doing that shortly). They are 10-12" when just freshly tied down (they'd be BIG without being tied down lol) and plenty healthy / thick / sturdy plants. A little none-too-happy about the added heat from the failed timer for the past month (see below), but recovered from that and very happy. Again, journal below for more...

The Actual Issue:

I thought I was growing for the past month at 18/6 with my (3) LED's and (1) 6-lamp BadBoy T5 side-lighting, but I found a broken timer had been working the lights 24hrs a day for that last month (+/-). No biggie, they can grow that way too, not what I wanted to do but hell, no loss. Whatever. Not an issue.

But, I did hit the panic button a little the night I discovered it (it was late, I was tired) and I installed the new digital timer and while I was at it I decided to start the 12/12 cycle.

Now that nerves have calmed and I have processed the situation I have decided I'd rather veg another week or two as originally planned. Oops.


Do I go back to 18/6 at this point and risk stressing the poor buggers out for only a week or two's worth of additional vegging? Do I just leave well enough alone, count my (perceived) losses and just continue to flower these precious plants?

Thanks again for your time and input! Love to all. :circle-of-love:


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For only a week or two of added veg. Not worth the shock to reveg. Make it up in extra care in flower

Thank you kindly for the input. Leaving as-is until notified differently.

Have a great Memorial Day everyone, and love to all.
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