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Switching flowering nutes mid flowering?


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im a med patient on my 9th grow. every single one was successful with great strains..

however recent times have me flat broke on money.
i have a 4x4 table that requires a nute change asap. 3 weeks in fower but i ran out of sensi bloom A and B. i still have ample amounts of AN additives.

I do however have a stockpile of Technaflora that i can use, from previous grows.

i figured i would use the base flowering nutes from TF (BOOST AND BLOOM). and use my other AN additives like i have been.

does this seem like a bad idea?
to me sounds like a noob question, but i cant risk it.


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I think it sounds like a great idea. I have switched nutes before and had absolutely no problems. If you have already done nine successful grows I am sure you will be ok.:Namaste:


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in my previous grows. i had always stuck to the manufacturers recommendations to the T. i Have NEVER changed nutes in flowering i think that is why i was succesful.

im goin to try it anyways, ille report back just incase this question ever comes up again. im sure most people dont ever have this problem

later ille post pics of my setups.

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I believe all nute brands have basically the same nutrients. Your plants will not notice any difference. You are the only one that will know the difference.


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just wanted to update.

i flushed system with flushing solution, then water for a few hours. cleaned all my hoses and nute tubs until i felt comfortable.

i switched the nutes to the base TF that i had. its been a couple days and my plants look GREAT....I experienced NO shock whatsoever.

basically the nutes were the same ratios and almost the same amount was added to the rez.

Very happy everything worked out.

i started a journal with updated pictures but i cant figure out how to link it.
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