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Switching H.O T5 tubes too LED t5's Any good?


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Hey guys.... i run LED during flower and have had great results with it..

my question is, has anyone ever bought those LED tubes that take the place of a T5 tube?? I have 8 4' T5's in my veg room and they get real real hot.. So i have to under power my system and only run 4 of the 8 tubes... kinda sucks... but recently i have seen T5 Tubes that are completely LED.. and instead of the 54w the Floro T5 uses the LED uses like around 25-27watts... has anyone ever ran these tubes and are they any good? i am very interested in picking a few of the tubes up.. even if it means only running 4 LED tubes and 4 Floro Tubes because that is still way better then only running 4 tubes.. and i can buy the LED in the color i want.. i was thinking of switching the inner 4 tubes to Blueish LED and leaving the two tubes on each outer side Floro.... Anyone have any info on these tubes? good? bad? Stay away from?? i just really want to get my Veg room running at full power..


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