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Switching to LED from HID


I am looking to switch from HID to LED. right now I am growing SOG, on an 8x8' table with 5 600 watt HID lights spaced out for even light distribution to the whole table. I am looking at the Mars II LED grow light 1600W. I am wondering if the power consumption will be less with the LED's and if so by how much, right now my hydro bill is 400 a month. with my normal house hold use and the 5 600 watters running, as well as the T5's for my vegging room (will be switching the vegging room over to LED's as well. right now there's 5 250 watt T5's running in that room alone. I will post pics of the flowering room and vegging/cloning room as soon as the timing is back to the light cycle..

so basic question is will i save about 1/3 to 1/2 my hydro cost switching over to LED's?

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Hi sontnewb, if you want to replace HID with LED, you'd better use the LED with the same watt. The draw power of MarsII 1600w is about 800w. 4pcs MarsII 1600w will be able to replace 5pcs 600w HID. The power consumption of the light will be close, but you still save a lot power from ballast, ventilation, A/C and etc. The overall power consumption will reduce. :circle-of-love:


so switching to Mars II 700W (don't see a Mars II 600 watt listed) and do 5 of those would cut hydro use down to 300 watts / unit 5x700=1500 Watts. instead of my current 600x5=3000 watt


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Just a thought... But... Maybe swap out 2 of your 5 lights and make sure you like the results? Its a big investment to change out 8x8 worth of lights only to be unhappy with the results. Your room/money... I'd suggest about 300w to 400w draw to effectively replace each 600. Only issue with all LEDs is they don't have coverage like HIDs. Good Luck!!
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