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Symbiotic relationships and flower essences alternative style growing


Here is my thread about Cannabis and her symbiotic RELATIONSHIPS with other living fruits vegetables as well as bushes trees and mushrooms...

I have a great deal of LOVE for cannabis and it's most epic of character!

MARIJUANA being as she is beautiful and fruitful I have come to enjoy her fruit; like ...qualities matched with her distinct aroma and taste are her ability to save lives in psychological aspects as well as physical pain relief and a medical gift.
However when it comes to qualities of cannabis I cant help but focus on her ability to taste like so many other fruits vegetables and cakes or pies as well as cheese or meat and even sometimes even garlic and deep spices.

These aspects of Cannabis are a huge part of her novelty . With her vast and radiant characteristics taste has always been what keeps her so dear to so many hearts.

I am proposing an idea which I have heard from many other growers in the past and that's using other fruits and vegetables Crystal's and stones and even plants and herbs that can be used to benefit your plants growth rates health and even the color nor flavour by just being planted next to each other...this is called a symbiosis relationship. Has anyone ever experienced an effect from other plants on their crop if grown together.


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Cover crops.... they work. There are several that benefit plants when used as cover crops that are actually perennials. Clover being one. Its a nitrogen fixer among other things.

I use dandelion leaves and comfrey leaves just cut and lay on top of the soil. they break down very quickly like a few days. There are many other plants than can be used as companion plants and green manure.
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