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T5 + CFL Question? Switching to MH/HPS


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My plants are in there second week of veg. The medium im using is organic/coco coir. One is in 3L pot and the other in a 1L. Ive been watering them regular but the one explodes with growth everyday. So I have to water that one more then often. Im planning on switching soil to Ocean Forest monday. I have 4ft 4 bulb T5 54W HO + 7 100w CFLs around these plants. The thing is the fan leaves are huge and I dont know why there leaning over the way they are instead of standing at attention? Im getting the 400w MH Wed. had to order it to my local hydro store. Is the lighting the cause of this or is it the medium? oR AM i UNDER WATERING? :Namaste:

3L pot plant. end of 2nd week veg. I tucked the top leaves so that light can reach in the mid of the plant. Its so bushy in there.

1L pot plant, the roots are coming out the bottom so I had to double the pot. Also it has Nitrogen def which is causing a calcium lock out. Im folier feeding to fix problem also adding calium/magnesium to the soil


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1- you need to transplant to bigger pots.
2- any leaves that are touching the soil, if they,re not too badly damaged trim the ends off so they are above soil. If they can,t be cut then just take off the whole leaf.
3- you don,t need the side lighting yet, try with just an over head light and raise slightly higher than usual to try an encourage a lil stretching.


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The plant in the 3L doesnt have any damage to the leaves. I think it just needs a bigger light source. Im putting the other one in a bigger pot today. And ill start clipping the leaves on the lower half. I have the lights on the side for more light but i really dont see a difference, there both growing at a nice rate though.
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