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T5 lighting


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I bought some Sea Boost liquid sea wed fertilizer 0.1-0.1-2 total nitrogen.0% Phosphoric acid.01 soluble potash 2%.
I am new to growing I usually start my seeds in may an then transplant outside. This is the first time I have grown under lights an started my plants early. If I have a good crop I will improve on my fertilizer an get all organic, So I dont kill them with kindness If things turn out I will be looking into getting a T5HO 4x4 with 8 bulbs 6500 as I prefer to grow outside


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T5's are great. For veg fertilizer i like alaska organics fish fertilizer 5-1-1. I've always found its pretty hard to hurt your plants with fish based nutes.

cpt chronic

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i ordered mine off ebay..
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