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Taco'd Leafs & Brown - Yellow Spots In Veg


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hi everyone!

Was wondering if anybody can help me with my situation?

So I transferred rooted clones in root riot to solo red cups with Coco in them. I noticed two of my clones have leafs curling upwards on the edges like tacos and have a couple of yellow and brown spots on the tips

Can anybody point me in the right direction on curing the situation?

Condition and setup:

Strain - Gril scout Cookies

Medium - Botanicare CoCo Premixed with 200 ppm calmag, ph at 5.8

Nutes - GH Flora - Feeding 300ppm (50% of the recommended feeding chart)

PH - 5.8- 6.0

Lighting - T-5 4 bulb 18/6 schedule

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