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think I might be watering too much. I water every other day and I soak em ie about 3 to 5 gallons they are in 20 gallon containers. I water in the morning then feed in the evening ever other day. they are in the 4th week of flower. fed pure blend pro grow and micro then changed over to age old bloom and micro slowly reducing and finally stopping grow. out door get 12 hours of sun, northern cali
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been really hot 90 + last month but as of the last week its about norm mid to high 80's during the day and 50's at night .... RH in the teens at day time and 20's at night.
Sounds like heat stress is the culprit. It's a little tough to handle this issue outdoors since you're at the mercy of Mother Nature but here's a few things that come mind that might help:
1) water more frequently, possibly early morning or late evening to help keep moisture around longer
2) move plants to shade during really hot days, if possible. You could also hang a bed linen or cloth over them to act as a makeshift umbrella if you can't move them.
That happened to outdoor plants in the far north east as well. Our temps are 55-75f. R there other reasons for this?
Another reason could be due to excessive (especially low) humidity fluctuations. Your leaves may start to taco since there isn't enough moisture for your plants to transpire properly. How's your RH been?
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Howdy every one and TY for all your in site. First off yes the RH has been in the single digits for months along with 90 degree average temps, {we are getting a moist storm this week should help} we are in a stage D4 exceptional drought .. some of us have century springs thankfully, driest ever in nor cal recorded history. Second I started trimming the bigger water leaves {never take more than 1/3 off each plant every couple of days} So the combination of heat low RH and trimming the water leaves are the culprits mainly the RH and the heat tho. My associate we have the same girls and his are doing the same thing and he has not trimmed any Water leaves {not enough time in the day to do it all} These are Fire X Alien OG took some pics today to share.