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Tadlawid - Easy Hydro - MARS II 400 - Flowering THC Bomb


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High All !!!

My overburned fluxed lady is now recovering and may return to veg stage soon.

I decided to make another grow journal for the other THC Bomb baby i decided to grow 4 weeks ago and in fact growing just naturally without any training.

I think some kind of training can be done even if she's FLO + 15 so i'm listening to you guys, if someone know how to increase a bit my potential !!

For people how discover me for the first time, i'm a foreign lover of 420 the community, i tried a first grow but overburned, here you are in my second yard.

Strain is THC Bomb :

Strain Name: THC Bomb

Type: Hybrid

Type: Indica/Sativa Mix
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor/Outdoor
Plant Height: Short (65-90cm)
Indoor Flowering: 7-9 Weeks
THC: Very High (20-25%)
Harvest Outdoor: Sep-Oct
Yield: Very High (550-650g/m²)
Stoned/High: Strong, all round buzz

I'm using local Hydro pot with two parts, one lower tank with water nutrients water pump and air stone, and an up tank that separates roots from solution.


GHE Flora series nutrients are in the room now, after a bad experience with vaalserberg garden products, that really don't like our hot west indies temp.


All of this under a TOPLED MARS II 400W standard spectrum. The tent is a 3X3 one with activ 125m3/h extraction

So few pics now, baby is FLO + 15

EC 1.75 PPM converted 1225.
PH daily corrected to 5.8, often variating from 5.8 to 5.5.
Temp 79F RH 55 %



upper leaves and just born pistils, yesterday today comparison



Sun and Rum, waiting for your experience !!


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umh waiting for my title to be corrected, you will find above few pics from 08/02 to 08/29



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Hi mates

Edit : Thx to RicoRico for tittle changing - Thx to Colorado High who allows me to discover i can upload animated gifs here !!!

Here the file deleted yesterday because hosted on another website :


So after few readings i decided to apply LST on baby girl, the tie-down method.

I've lowered the main apical tip yesterday night for a first train and will do the same with all others. I start tomorrow for others.

Here a morning pic where we can already see how the main end is high again

Measures were good : EC 1.75 converted PPM 1225 / PH still 5.8


See you tonight ! let's go diving !!


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I can teach you some training techniques to get more yield if you wish to try any of them. If it was my plant I would soft top it, there's a tutorial in my signature. I would also defol any fan leaves that are shading the branches. :)


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Welcome Renegade, Welcome Skunny

Let's have a studious reading of skunny's experience :) i was thinking about a complimentary soft topping on the main apical tip, exactly here to have all the ends at the same level :


i read first, i'll ask question ext :ganjamon:


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You've got it tad :) :thumb: What we are trying to achieve is a flat topped bush. By topping it at the most dominant part it will stunt its growth & create two heads in the process :)removing the fan leaves allows light to the branches so they grow quicker & reach to the top. Once you've defoliated take some pictures so we can see the structure of the plant & plan our attack :)


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I will defoil in few minutes but in fact i really don't know what kind of leaves i need to cut,

Oldest and biggest leaves on the main arm ?
Lowest biggest leaves on all arms ??
I do it with my feeling everywhere i think leaves are shadowing new shoots ? primordial stuff to let intact are all the tops i suppose

Can you give me a last advice before i cut ?


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Hope you haven't started yet....

Go with your statement about shading first. Trim any leaves that are shading new growth. Take a step back and see how she looks and then take some more off. A little at a time. Big fans first.

The reason for defol is to open up the top of the plant so the lower branches get light.


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not started yet, i've trained a bit lowering again the main apic, now the level is equal to the rest of the plant


I wait for the recovering of distorted apic in few hours

I going out for now, i'll do a cut in the night


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I'm here Tad...even though I can't really give any advice. I'll be learning along with you. :circle-of-love:

Sprite we all have something to share.

Share what you've learn so far. Early on I would say IMO or "check with an SME" but share....

It also helps because it re-enforces things in your own mind.

Good morning Tad and friends.....LOL.


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Too drunk to cut anything this night !! the better idea i could have at 4:00AM


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Welcome C Sprite,

Renegade said it perfectly !! don't hesitate to share your knowledge !! it's a pleasure to see you here. I'll try to take lots of pics and add plenty of comments to give maximum details on the defoil and soft topping i'll do at 6:00 pm.

Welcome Mapilot, thanks for sitting here. I had a quick look to your yard and i'm happy to see that your setup looks like mine at the start when i first tried under CFL. You may have evolved to HPS or not yet, i'll will see that with a coffee in few minutes and leave my comments.

Renegade, thx mate. Good morning too. Always a great pleasure to see your supportive comments to new growers like me.


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Training and update time,

High folks !! there has been some cutting tonight, hope you'll find that good,


1 .Main cut were big fan leaves on the main arm, older leaves in fact,
2. after i decided to cut all new shoots and some littles leaves from inferior nodes first and second node mainly of all secondary arms.
3. As the main arm is tied down all arms of downed side have been removed and now in the clone box

First the before/after



The clone attemp


waiting for comments


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Hi mates,

Little update baby's very fine. Little bud on the main apic, i can'ttttttttttttttttttt cut her, but i really should.

EC 1.58 PPM converted 1106
PH : corrected PH 5.8 coming from 5.0
RH 58%
Temp : 79F



A little view on roots, umhhh, beautiful


And clones still not dead :ganjamon:


love u all
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