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Take a look Please


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I have two plants that are expirencing some issues a couple weeks into flower. Here is the break down.

The two plants: Ak-47 and Wonder Woman
Space: 4x4 Flower tent
Lighting: 1000w Solis Tek Matrix w/ Eye Hortilux bulb
Soil: FFOF
Nutrients: Fox Farm 3 part liquid, 3 part soluable (big bloom, tigerbloom, grow big, Open seseme, cha ching and Beastie Bloom.
Water: Tap water. PH- 6.6

*I never add PH up or PH down*

Breaking it down even more.

AK-47 Day 34 of Flower
Wonder Woman Day 28 of Flower

Ak-47 Run Off PH: 5.9
Ak-47 Ron Off PPM: 940

WonderWoman Run Off PH: 6.4
Wonder Woman Run Off PPM: 577

Last fed the AK-47 1/2 strength with
Last fed Wonder woman with full strength (half strength before this feed till I noticed a defiency)

This is a perpetual grow (three plants a month) My last harvest (just harvested) was three ak-47 and they did the same thing and almost had no fan leaves by the end of there time. I know alot of yellowig is normal but this is different, I started like this.

Add cal-mag? I have botonicares cal mag but i dont really like using it with the fox farm line.

Here are pictures of the two plants. I'm sure you can tell the difference, AK on the right and Wonder woman left. took a couple leafs off to get a closeup the curled one is wonder woman, the other is ak. thank you for looking and thank you for any responses! Appretiate it!



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Re: Take a look Please.

You mentioned this happened to 3 other AK47 in an earlier harvest. Did you ever grow AK47 before, and did you have the same issue with those plants?

What about Wonder Woman? How many are you growing? Is it on one or all WW? Have you grown WW before? And did you have the same problem?

I have been growing the AK for a little over a year now and the Wonder Woman the same. I just harvested three AK's and placed 3 wonderwomns in to take there place. I never experienced this yellowing that bad. The three previous AK's, it seemed to happen to, didn't happen as bad or as soon. The only thing I have really changed in my routine is the 1000w lamp (installed it half way through the previous ak grow). I went from an under average 600w Apollo digital ballast and digilux lamp to the solis tek and Hortilux. Vented hood temps stay a steady 79 during the day and 68 at night. Thanks for replying. Hope to hear from you. Bless


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Re: Take a look Please.

Classic Mg deficit. And, with a ph run-off of 5.9 on the one strain, it's actually lower.
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Re: Take a look Please.

Classic Mg deficit. And, with a ph run-off of 5.9 on the one strain, it's actually lower.

Thanks for the reply. The strain with a run off of 5.9, it's actually lower? I don't understand. It's too low you mean?
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Re: Take a look Please.

If your runoff pH is 5.9 and you are watering with 6.6 that means your soil pH is 5.2.....that's what budstud meant I believe. Foxfarm soils use to be the shit now Foxfarm soil is shit now. They have to much demand and not enough supply, its too inconsistent now. One bag may be pH of 6.5 then the next bag is 4.8.
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