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Taking candy from a baby


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My female is huge right now about three weeks before harvest. White widow. Here my ?. Can I slice a couple smaller buds off of the plant without hurting it? I would like to take some, dry it and have something in about two weeks while letting the rest of the plant mature. Note I would be staying far from the main stem bud, just cutting at a few off shoots. Thanks for your input.



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I get a little one off the top and dry it quickly. Thats just because I am impatient when it comes to discovering the taste.


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[COLOR="DarkGreen":hmmmm: I'd look for the first bud turning color ....then when about 50% of the "hairs" turn amber . It should be good . It is however , o.k. to try an early bud . It won't hurt your girl at all . Sometimes an early bud will get you a different high . Might even be the high you're lookin for . Happy pickins ! :60::60:[/COLOR]


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A grower friend of mine says buds are like potato chips, you can't take just one.
He buys an oz. about a month before harvest to keep from "test tasting" all of his harvest before it happens.
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