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Taking Clones


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Hi there just a quick question, When is best time to take clones, my plants are 3 week in veg now. Will this also affect flowering and yield because don't you cut where a flower would produce ? And is there a limit on how many clones to cut per plant.



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I have a friend that clones regularly and he takes a good 3-4 trimmings from each plant and has never had an issue. You can maybe do a few more than that but it depends on the plant. Three to four weeks into veg is a good time to do it. The effect on flowering will be minimal since the p,ant will hopefully kick off two more nodes from where you cut.

That's my two cents on it.


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whatup peeps! Even tho I'm still on my 1st gro, I've been taking cuttings since early veg through 2weeks past the flip n2 flowering... haven't cut anything beyond that point-- don't plan to, & everything is fine gro wise... & I'm not 1 for sterile techniques(in my garden) either

Your cutting@ whatever stage of the plants life IS the Same Age of the MotherPlant @ that moment in time; adjust your feedings after the shock/rooting (is what I do). The mature cuttings/clones grow faster, is my observation... or maybe i mean they r that much closer to budding out when ur ready...
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