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Taking My Chances With The Devil: Dark Devil Auto & Devil's Crack Auto


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This is all part of my semi-perpetual sativa grow, however I was able to acquire my first ever auto seeds via a wonderful person that I met on my quest for knowledge.
This journal will not include details or photos any of my current run with some great landrace poly hybrids, link in signature. This is all about the Devils that will soon occupy my tent.

Dark Devil Auto will be grown in a 1 gallon (no transplanting) square Hempy using Maxibloom as a stand alone Fertilizer. In my Hempy I have quartz gravel to the reservoir, then aquarium gravel up to 2-3" from the top, the top 2-3" will be coco/perl/verm.

The Devil's Crack Auto (DDA x Mephisto sour crack) will be grown in a 2.5 liter nursery pot full of coco/perl/verm and I may move this one to a larger container depending on needs. DCA will will also receive maxibloom only.

Lighting is multi spectrum CFLs and one old mars300. Actual Watts/ft² is at about 54. 4" 198 cfm fan with carbon filter. Intake is passive. Temps are normally high with rh less than 30%... Just the way it is. Tent lighting is locked in at 12/12. Devils will be taken out of the tent at lights out and given less intense supplemental lighting for the remaining 12 hours in the day. They will be fed 1/4 strength nutes until they look hungry.

Let's get this started...........

7/10- dropped my seeds into cups of water..
7/11- as of this morning DDA has already sunk while DCA remains afloat. I will plant both seeds this afternoon regardless. Have important things to do for now to keep life rolling. I will update daily maybe sometimes 2x.



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Girls are planted. I kept the custom ice cream pail for DDA and DCA got the honors of the fresh gravel in a black waste basket. Both seeds had a ?humidome? Placed over them. I never have used the things but the folks I asked about DDA said they do.. Just going with it.

Some general observations.... Aquarium gravel is heavy. DCA is in 10# of it plus the coco cap. I would say DDA weighs about 3# less. While my aquarium gravel hempys do fantastic, I recommend no more than a 1 gallon container.

Now the waiting...


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Today is day 1 for both of these lovely ladies. Devils crack auto was above ground this morning. I will have a pic of her later. 8 hours later I returned home and found DDA above ground as well. I have no photo of her yet, timing is a mofo.... I watered/fed both ¼ strength nutrients, just a drizzle to help the roots find their way down. Humidomes remain in place. Turned on one 92 watt cfl set and dropped them down...

Nothing too exciting, but I am happy they are alive.


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I know these girls are light feeders and I feed light for my sativas already, hoping that makes this go smoothly
I didn't know that, thanks, it may be time I reduced my nute level :oops:
Mine seems to be doing ok, it was slow starting as it was my first ever coco grow., it's at day 70 since popping above soil and I'd say another week or 2 to go.



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Things are headed in a different direction at the moment. DDA and SSDC will likely be pollinated with a red point cross male if I can't get them segregated. Once the pollen has done it's job I will spray everything down and pop some more autos.

I may have to set up a couple of Rubbermaid containers for each of these gals if I decide to keep them safe. If not I will set aside the seeds for a breeding project.

I guess it doesn't really change the direction of my grow that much, I always knew that I would have to chuck pollen eventually. I had a real eye opening moment when my bag seed hermied. That led me to the realization that many of my seeds may do the same thing as they are also bag seeds. I have to make better ones. An ounce of prevention, and all that stuff.

Peace. The grow continues.
I will upload a couple pics later tonight.


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Here they are. Today is day 7. Photos taken on day five.

One thing I am concerned about is DDA has a little droop. She was given her own 3500k 23 watt cfl with a dome reflector on day 5. I switched that to 2700k yesterday after i noticed the droop. Shouldn't be over watered, nutes are ¼tsp maxibloom per gallon pH 5.8-6.0 so she shouldn't be over fed either....
SSDC I am not concerned at all about as she is growing vigorously. Same feed schedule and grow media, just a different light. 1 23w 6500k cfl with dome reflector. She is loving it.
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