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Taking off sun leaves?


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Had some browning on my leaves, I have plucked/snipped the worst off.
That had to have been nute burn, and a good flushing 5 days ago but a stop to that.. getting ready to 1/4 nut feed then today...around 30ppm

Will slowly raise the levels up over the next few feedings.

Question comes up, can I cut off all the damaged leaves? Can I cut off healthy leaves to open up more flowering area?

Grow is 60 days into veg, switched to 12/12 6 days ago.

I have LST'd just about every plant to keep low during veg cycle, now they are incredily bushy girls...

Using smart pots for the grow, the only way I could figure out how to LST was to use to cut the bottom of coat hangers, bend into a U shape or for longer branches a hook near the top of the wire.. anyone else use this tech.?
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Re: Taking off sun leaves..?

The coat hanger's sound a bit harsh, but if they work, what the hay. I use long pipe cleaners, burn the fuzz off with a mini torch, then attach paper clip ends to the wires to hold the branches, and wrap the opposite under the lip of my pots. You can find them in crafts stores, the wild day glow colors make your grow look like the circus just arrived in town:3:

I wouldn't trim off any sun leaves, try tucking them around lower buds.

Good luck, love to see some photos of those smart pots.


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Re: Taking off sun leaves..?

Thanks for the help with this . I had been very concerned about the damaged leaves.. Have taken any that looked damaged off.. they are very bushy and have plenty more leaves to cover! Tip O the hat to BoyDean!

Oldskool, the smart pots are a great option , very hard to over water and the air circulation keeps roots trimed and in control. They are reuseable but I think I will replace with new for each grow, too cheap not to.. use the old ones for my out door raised bed garden next spring

Container Gardening, Hydroponic Gardening with Smart Pots Fabric Containers

This is my first grow ever, and a very good friend owns a grow shop... I try not to bug him with every question that arises. Was his idea to use the smart pots.. the are great except when trying to train your girls.. nothing to hold onto! The coat hanger wire slips cleanly around the branch and hold very gently, easy to move and position. I will tell you to go buy ALL thick chromed hangers, not the cheap ones that come from your dry cleaner.. they degrade quickly and I dont even want to think about what would leach off from them??

reading the pruning link now Freak.. thanks again all!
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