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Tall vs. Short Containers?


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Assuming the volume of the containers is the same, will there be any practical difference between, an autoflower grown in a tall container and one of the same strain grown in a short one? Er... Assume 100 of each set and the results averaged,I suppose, since the plants won't be clones from the same mother, to avoid answers based on the premise that one is a naturally larger, longer-growing phenotype than the other, lol.

For example... Is there any reason to expect an auto that is being grown in a tall three-gallon container to grow for a lengthier period of time, produce more stretch, reach the harvest stage at a later date, produce more bud, some combination of those things, or all of those things... than a plant of the same strain (in the same conditions / grow space) that is being grown in a short three-gallon container?

Also assume soil-grown plants, generic plastic containers with drainage holes in the traditional location, et cetera.


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One anecdotal thing Ive heard about is that autos prefer a long tap root. Hitting bottom causes them to start flowering.

Closer to home, I grew some NL autos in both size/shape pots. The in the taller thinner pot plant was twice the size with twice the yield. Could be a total fluke - there were other stress factors on these poor girls.

One scenario is the tall containers retain water better - less surface area.
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