Tampa FL Medical Marijuana Patient Wins The Right To Grow Plants


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If you live in Florida and want to become a legal medical marijuana patient now is a great time to do it. Current Florida law allows for qualified patients to get access to cannabis as medicine through a state certified marijuana doctor.

Florida allows CBD and THC Oils, edibles, vapes, capsules and concentrates to be bought by patients through licensed dispensaries in the sunshine state. Many people have already taken advantage of this industry with over 95,000 new patients already approved in Florida.

Although Florida residents can access marijuana now there are still some problems that are being addressed in court like John Morgans "smoking ban lawsuit" aimed at releasing the hold on smokable flower that state legislators enacted back in 2017, when MMJ laws were getting hashed out. The final laws in Florida banned all smokable flower by approved patients. John Morgan is hoping to win his case which is set for a Bench Trial with Judge Geivers in Leon County April 16th, 2018.

Another big win for Florida Medical Marijuana patients was the lawsuit won a few days ago by Joe Redner also heard by Judge Geivers which now allows him to grow his own marijuana plants, at his home in Tampa FL. This has now raised the bar and set precedence for future lawsuits by patients that wish to grow too. Redner (77) is allowed to grow and process his plants into the legalized oil forms currently allowed in Florida.
Full article here Joe Redner's win in Florida to grow marijuana plants

But this also may change with Morgans lawsuit being heard this month. These lawsuits are both important for Florida's MMJ growth as more people want to grow then spend big money at the state-approved dispensaries.
Friday, May 25th 2018 the Judge in this case ruled as unconstitutional the States prohibition of smoked or vaped MMJ.
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