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Tangelo rapido problems - Please help!

t burn

New Member
first time grower, having some issues with my tangelo rapido autoflower from barneys farm. was previously really healthy but is showing some severe yellow tips. this isnt happening from the bottom leaves upwards so it doesnt reallly feel like nitrogen deficiency. shes in enriched soil and i feed her with a kelp seaweed extract every now and then. can get very hot in the greenhouse so wondering if part of it could be heat stress, as some of the damaged leaves are also turned upwards. not sure if its nute burn as some of the leaves are completely fine. if anyone has any advice please share, pretty worried about my baby!!


David Bowman

New Member
Hi t burn,

I've embedded your photo for you. Personally, I use the "My Photos" button at the bottom left side of the text input window to embed photos in my posts. I hope that helps.

Greenest Regards,
David Bowman

Dan Ultra

New Member
In the second picture, it looks like the effected leaves also have a few white spots on them. Have you checked underneath for mites? You might need a jewelers loupe to see them, but they will appear as little black specks under the leaves.

If no pests, then I'd say you are good. Maybe next grow, cut that soil with a little perlite so it drains a little better and offers a little more O2 to the root zone.

Looking good for a first grow though. :thumb:

And welcome to :420:
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