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Tangerine Dream - Chocolope - Original WW IBL - Mineralized Soil Grow


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love it! any thoughts as to why the dark period would increase resin production? I don't fully believe in it, but I believe in it enough that I harvest after a 12 hour dark period. sometimes I like to let the plant catch a couple hours of light before harvesting.


Grow Journal of the Month: May 2017
My guess is that the plant panics because of the lack of light and pumps all of its effort into flowering, but I'm not sure to be honest. There's no overpowering smell coming out of my dryer box, that's for sure. I'd probably get better results putting a MH bulb in place of the HPS for the last 2 weeks of flower.


Grow Journal of the Month: May 2017
Keep in mind it's the chimp you're hearing this from, not to mention that it's early yet after being just dry enough to burn. But here's my official first before cure Tangerine Dream smoke report:

bag appeal - :hmmmm: Looks better than swag, but not much.
taste - :17: Doesn't wow me, but it's there and it should improve when it cures.
smell - :cough: That long dark period trick actually killed the smell, as opposed to enhancing it.
buzz - :17: Clone is composting as we speak and you're right about it being a mild sativa, Graytail I just don't like mild pot.
yield - :hmmmm: It looked like it was gonna beat out the Chocolope before it dried now it looks like a fat jar and a half.

I'll post a final pic if the tops smoke like this I hope you serious folk out there don't mind one of the pictures is gonna be to show you all how flat a wispy bud can get when I stomp on it as hard as I can! :thumb:


Grow Journal of the Month: May 2017
The Tangerine Dream escaped the stomp :) but only because I'm almost out of weed. I'm not good at strain reviews, and I have a high tolerance which isn't going to lead to too many good ones. I'll keep it short and call this grow done.

Tangerine Dream - Wispy, shrunk worse drying than anything I've grown yet (approximately 2 oz. from an estimated 3), and I don't care for the NH5 dominance in this particular pheno:


Chocolope - Less wispy, Haze dominant also (would have preferred the Chocolate Thai dominant pheno), got a good yield:


Original White Widow IBL - I picked one of the better looking nugs to pic; my opinion on the bag appeal and buzz has gone up some, but not much. Chained to the brickweed line this would have been tempting to buy, but after 3 years of seeing what it's like on the other side I have to say I'm not impressed:


Better luck next time :)

Thanks to everyone for being here!

:peace: and ooh ooh ooh, AHH AHH AHH!!!!!
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