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Task Force Considers Oral Spray To Deliver Drug

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May 26,00
The Associated Press
Source: Boston Globe
A task force appointed to figure out how to implement the state's medical marijuana law is considering an oral spray similar to an asthma inhaler to deliver the drug.
The device yields the same effect as smoking the plant but it's faster and more efficient than ingesting the drug and may even prove more effective than smoking, said James Cameron, a state prosecutor and task force member.
''The advantage of this is you are using a pharmaceutical product that is not smoked and is of known purity and dosage,'' Cameron said. ''You're not hurting your lungs; it's definitely healthier in that respect.''
A presentation was made at the task force's second meeting on Wednesday. G.W. Pharmaceuticals, a British company that is developing the device, wants to conduct clinical trials in Maine.
The task force is required by the law passed by Maine voters in November, allowing the use of marijuana for the treatment of some medical conditions if the patient is given a prescription.
The 24-member task force including doctors, lawyers, prosecutors and legislators will complete its work by Oct. 1, in time for a report to next year's Legislature, Attorney General Andrew Ketterer said.

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