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I've been growing for about a year, so I'm no expert. I've grown three strains:
#1. Some cuttings from a friend
#2. Swiss Cheeze
#3. Master Kush

I use Foxfarm soil and OC+. I have a hodge podge of lights. Mostly Badboy T5s.
Now I'm not complaining, I'm real proud of my efforts, it's been wonderfull smooth smoking with a real nice buzz...but all three have sorta been the same. They taste and have a similar kick. Is this normal?


Dirt Farmer

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Any boosters or just the OC?? Molasses is a standby for me for sure..in dirt I'd go with a good handfull of EWC mixed in as well...are you able to control your env well? Cold night time temps will really help put on the resin as well as a good bloom booster...
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