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Taste The Strain Bro: Zkittlez, First Mainline Attempt By Sticky Fingaz

Sticky fingaz

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:ganjamon: TASTE THE STRAIN BRO :ganjamon:

I've got a '420 sponsor filled journal on the grow! '
I was planning on doing a full photo grow, but because I had a long break I decided to speed things up with auto's & to give them a try.
With another grow space being put together, I'm going to start just 1 Zkittlez seed from @dopeseeds. I will veg her with the auto's until they are ready for harvest under the @Mars Hydro FC 6500, then I shall
move her to flower under a @ViparSpectra TC 600.

I just want to give a shout out to ' Jim ' from @dopeseeds in the UK . These guy's were recommended to me by @Teddy Edwards. :high-five:

I placed my order, but due to the ongoing issue's with covid, some seeds were out of stock. he emailed me straight away to offer a ' refund ' or ' replacement '. I opted for the replacement. We got another order together & he put me in some extra freebies as well :thumb:
So I now have a plethora of strains just waiting to be germinated.
So :thanks: thankyou @dopeseeds!!

With the other grow space, I'm aiming to get a perpetual grow going. I'll then be able to utilize the advantage of having a veg & flower area which is just BOOM!!!!!

With this Zkittlez, I'm going to attempt ' Mainlining ' as I've never tried it before. I tried using a scrog net in my last grow & managed to do some good ' LST '. I could have ' Lollipopped ' better to avoid those smaller popcorn buds so this time, I will make sure I concentrate on getting them nug's as far to the top as poss.

So...here's where she'll be for veg...
  • Custom grow room
  • Light - Mars hydro FC 6500
  • soil - Bio Bizz ALL MIX
  • Fans - G.A.S RVK 4" Intake & 5" Exhaust
  • Controllers - Eco- technics fan controller
  • Humidifier - Humipro
  • Generic Humidistat
  • Nutrients - Advanced nutrients Micro - Grow- Bloom
  • Containers - 20 LTR Air pot







Here we go then on another little journey, Just hope there's a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow!

Popped 2 seeds in water, let's see what happens in 18 Hrs time......


:high-five: SEE YOU ALL SOON :high-five:


One :love:
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Wow @Sticky fingaz you are busy.
Looks like another good one.
I'll start the popcorn while we are waiting. :popcorn:
Stay safe mucker.

Sticky fingaz

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18 HRS LATER....


Both seeds sank & 1 split, now transfer to paper towel...


Cover in cling film & put back for another 18 Hrs....


See You tomorrow!
One :love:

Sticky fingaz

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Wow @Sticky fingaz you are busy.
Looks like another good one.
I'll start the popcorn while we are waiting. :popcorn:
Stay safe mucker.
Cheers matey! Just want to get as much going as possible to increase that learning curve :nerd-with-glasses:
I love it mate, all of it :green_heart: I honestly wish I just had one of those fields where I could in stand amongst 12 foot plants that are just dripping with nugs! Heaven :yummy:

Sticky fingaz

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COOEEEE :ciao: I'm here!!!

Looking awesome mate.
Loving the handle. "Taste the rainbow strain" :3:
Cheers Squigz, Unfortunately, I cant take the credit for that one. Was already on google, but hey, sounds good 'ya :laugh:

Sticky fingaz

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(WEEK 5 - DAY 41)

The zkittlez has gone crazy!! Wasn't expecting anything near this much growth compared to other mainlines I've seen. Just to break It down real quick. I've topped & topped & now I have my 16 tops.

I've concentrated hard on making sure everything is done at the same time & kept everything the same height.
The purpose of the HUB is to create symmetry so the roots direct nutrients equally to all the colas, thus making them grow the same size, height & thickness.
Here's all the progress I've logged so far..

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