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Tasty Bud


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The sell this sorta fruity add on liquid drop thingy at some shops.. Damn, I forget the name.. You just add a drop of it to your bowl and it's suppose to make it taste the flavor you picked out or something.. Never tried it, I like my herb tasting natural


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:51: Stuff's called "Tasty Puff Tobacco Flavoring"
Just place a few drops on your favourite rolling papers, blunts, tobacco, cigarettes, cigars or pipe. Allow to dry and enjoy the flavour! Tastes and smells great; helps to mask the smell associated with smoking.Only a few drops are required for each cigarette depending on your preferred strength and each bottle contains 400 drops.
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I'm like you DaHui in liking my bud as it comes. I would worry what chemicals are in the flavouring, unless it's natural of course.


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its been a while since I smoked out of my bowl.. I was just looking for something for my J's and my L's.. I'm out go get some now...Later.... I finally got some green to last me until I get that silver Haze next week!


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I had a guy put that stuff on a bag he sold to me and told me it was Blueberry Dank...

i got screwed in that deal.
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