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Sprouted barley grains are high in enzymes and apparently great for seedlings, once ran through a blender. More in depth research could be executed as well.

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I've run this trio once and found it an expanding experience. What are we doing here? Where are you?


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How do you brew enzyme teas?Take You aerate, and heat water to 20-25c, once dechlorinated, you add microbes using soil or compost.

How do you brew enz

How do you brew enzyme teas?
by aerating microbes in water, make sure to feed them a carbohydrate and amendmants, you can brew teas for weeks and probably months, i like to use 3/4 when i feel its ready and keep 1/4 microbe/enzyme infused tea to start the next batch, if your serious about learning we can chat on the phone


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All these plants get a kelp n lime tea every other water!

The season has just begun too





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contact me to learn how to brew enzyme teas!
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NuttyProfessor is our resident brewmaster for teas.
He has some fantastic stuff and ground breaking techniques you might enjoy his journals.
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