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Teacher held dope for days, returned to arrested schoolboy's mom


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SAITAMA -- A teacher held onto to a bag of marijuana for days before giving it to a disgraced student's mother and never informing the police, the Mainichi has learned.

The teacher got the stash from one of a group of Saitama schoolboys arrested for conducting a spate of robberies to get cash to buy marijuana.

Police are furious at the finding, saying the school was aware children were smoking pot but doing nothing about it. Police have asked boards of education and others associated with the school to take steps to ensure similar incidents do not break out again.

Saitama Prefectural Board of Education officials said a student told the teacher he had smoked marijuana and said he wanted to stop doing drugs. The teacher asked the student to bring in his cannabis and the following day the boy handed over his stash to the educator.

The teacher kept the bag containing marijuana at school for several days, then handed it over to the boy's mother and told her to take it to the police, but did not contact authorities.

Another student has told of how a teacher caught him smoking pot at school and confiscated his stash.

School officials have denied any knowledge of students smoking marijuana on school grounds.

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