Teacher, Husband Face Drug Charges


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The Polk County Sheriff's Office has charged an alternative school teacher and her well-educated husband with growing marijuana in their suburban home.

Ransford and Miriam Boateng, 1324 Valley Hill East, were charged with one felony count of cultivation of cannabis, one felony count of maintaining a dwelling for drug use and one misdemeanor count of possession of drug paraphernalia.

The couple was arrested Tuesday and released from jail Thursday.

Deputies found 18 cannabis plants, loose marijuana, cultivation equipment and smoking pipes in their home. They also found artificial lighting, air circulators, and a hydroponic watering system.

Donna Wood, spokeswoman for the Sheriff's Office, said each plant can bring in $100 a week.

Miriam Boateng, 43, teaches high school seniors at Sable Palm School within the Polk County Juvenile Correctional Facility in Polk City. Sable Palm is a public school for troubled teens.

Ransford Boateng, 52, has a doctorate in electrical engineering from Yale University. His expertise is in satellite to ground communication.

"He's self-employed," Wood said. Isn't that something?"

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Source: theledger.com
Pubdate: 10 November 2006
Author: Andrew Dunn
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