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TedB - Arjen Ultra Haze #1 - RDWC - SCROG - GrowFunk LED's - 2014


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Arjen Ultra Haze #1 - 80% Sativa
6 5 gallon buckets - 55 gallon reservoir - HyrdoCorn
Started from seed - Nov. 4th, 2014

Room - Dedicated 20 amp circuit
- Partial 15 amp Circuit
- sealed with black and white poly
- 100sq' room with 60 sq' SCROG mesh 1' above pots

Lights - 8 lamp T5 ProLight mini
- 2 x G25 GrowFunk LED
- 3 Phillips 75 watt grow bulbs

I am purchasing 2 G65'S (450 watts each), 3 G16'S (115 watts each) & 2 more G25'S (150 watts each) from GrowFunk next month to replace the Phillips bulbs.

Nutrients - 50/50 clean aquarium water/ tap water ph'd down to 5.5 during seedling stage.
- Botanicare Pure Blend ProGrow 3-2-4 during vegging
- I am open to suggestion for flowering.

Equipment - Eco Plus Commercial Air 3 (35 watts)
- Eco Plus 264 water pump (28 watts)
- 4'' Can Fan (70 watts)
- Can Filter 50 (Carbon air scrubber)
- Mighty Mini Air Mover (150 watts)
- Rapid Rooter and dome

This is my 1st grow, my water pump drains the bucket faster than the gravity returns water, as such my float valve is left open to often risking a flooded system. So i keep the water levels down in the reservoir. Please help solve this issue.

I decided to let the buckets have different water levels, to see which level yields the best, my highest bucket water level is half way into the substrate while my lowest is an inch below the 6'' basket.

The bubbles are loud and roaring, my diffuser seems to fail with the air pump and i decided to let the air flow at full blast. I built an insulated box for the pumps, I hung the air pump and put all the buckets on rubber matts to reduce sound vibrations. My air scrubber is attached to an insulated duct intaking air from the room into the box, the result is a cooled box for the hot air compressor.

I found sprouting seeds in the rapid rooter laborious, so i am going to try to sprout one in a rapid rooter placed into the rdwc bucket, has anyone succeeded doing so?

The people at GrowFunk LED have been very kind, they informed me I may need to raise my PH due to the LED lights, has anyone done this?

Thank you.



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Well, I got the two G25's up and running, I placed the two strongest plants under them and am curious to see how they stack up to the 225 watt pro light t5's.

I must correct my original post, G25's draw 160 watts each.

The wattage is lower than a simularily priced Black Dog LED, I'd like to put them side by side.
These lights were $715 each & the retailer was very helpful.



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Yellow tips on one of my plants:( Nute burn? light burn? drowning in a bubble bucket?

I mixed a less than a quarter dose of 'Botanicare Pure Blend ProGrow 3-2-4' 3 days ago.
the two other ladies are green as can be and my experiment seems to have succeeded as the seed sprouted up and pushed away the rapid rooter plug:)

Room temperature - 23 C - RH 80 - Water temp 27 C, PH 6.5
GrowFunk LED - 35 C
Exhaust - 28 C
Substrate - 28 C (LED's have been on for 3 hrs, 24'' above pot)
phillips 75W bulb -89C
- pot 16'' below light - 34C ( is this too hot for the seedling?)
Prolight 8 lamp mini t5 bulb - 40C
vents- 30C
Pot 16'' below -30C (Lady doing great)



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its been about a week, I am still using the same nutes at 1/4 strength, the ladies are happy so i am not changing anything.... i want to add my other 3 from the dome to the buckets and let them enjoy the low nute level.... after a week or if the ladies demand more before, i will change water and add more nutes.
I topped my plants twice now and changed the room aclittle to cool down my air pump. I figure i will use the box for cloning, or i may tear it out and add more scrog.

I am afraid my 6 plant legal limit is already maxed out for the plant too screen ratio. i have 60 sq. ft. and only 6 plants, does anyone know how long i might end up vegging to get the screen 70% filled?

I am happy with my GrowFunk LEDs and am going to buy a larger light soon. I am also going to pick up a couple black dog platinums and another t5 fixture for side lighting/cloning. The seedlings are growing much faster under the LEDs than they did under the t5.

I have decided to buy a water chiller for $650, it matches up to my water pump and i'll probably plumb it out of my room to help keep air temps down as the chiller exhausts heat.

so much to learn, I am already thinking i am going to change alot for my next grow.


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Terrible Curling and wretched heat (80degrees)

I flushed the water, added a new dose of nutes, 1/2 strength, last time I think I barely added 1/10th of the recommended dose.

I changed the room by pumping filtered air out encouraging fresh air to leak in, It seems to be cooling the room.

My seedlings stretched, so placed them closer to the light. they are in slimy old rapid rooters and I am worried.

My 2 ladies with curled leaves don't have any showing roots, I wonder if they curl in search of nutes?

The lone rooted plant has a pinched stem, she has minimal curling.

I hope these beauties pull threw, I am going to consider adding alittle epson salt, the ph is 6.5, temps are 70-80 and humidity is 50-60.

I hope someone can guide me asap.

David Bowman

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