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Temperature issue


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I am having trouble getting my tent to 70 degrees. I live in a climate where it hits 100 degrees FAH quite often. I have 2 1000 watt 6 inch cool tubed lights, one HPS, one MH. One light in each tent. I can't even get 70 degrees with only one light on.
How much should I expect my lights to increase the temperature in my tents when I turn them on?

I have a fan that is sucking air through the tubes and an DIY split AC spitting air into both the tents. However when I turn even one light on my temps go from 70 to the mid 80s even with AC and exhaust going. I am trying to pin point my problem and really need some advice.


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Might sound silly, but just to be sure...are you using a dimmable ballast?

If so, have you checked that you're running it at 100% ?


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Thanks for the replies,
The exhaust fan on the lights is 435 CFMs. In my current design I have two side by side tents with the fan in the middle sucking air through both of the lights. AC is 12000 BTUs but being split fan is also being split.


The two tents are 4x4x8 I believe and they are side by side in a room that is about 12x12x10

My ballasts aren't dimmable, they are just both MH/HPS no options to dim


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The room temp varies depending on how hot it is outside, I have tried to use the AC to just cool down the entire room instead of splitting it into the tents but I had hotter temps with that setup. Id say the average temp of the entire room is 80ish
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