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Hi guys & fellow growers. I'm a pretty experienced grower but a newbie to tent growing, I'm currently 9 weeks into my second tent grow(6th week of flower) after years in cellars & bedrooms and I think grow tents are a brilliant way to grow at home. I have a 4'x4' Greenroom tent with a 600w digital ballast & lamp over 2 super buds 2 cherry haze & 2 white widow from excellant clones in canna coco in six 15lt autopots, feed on demand from a nute tank outside tent constantly airiated from tank airstone. i use all canna nutes and run tank at PH 5.8. the plants are very healthy and producing loads of big dense buds the Super buds flowers are massive so every thing is pointing to a very good crop indeed. my first tent grow used the exact same system with 5 white widow clones which i fim'd & super cropped and kept small and compact, these yeld 19oz of typical white widow a lovely tasting very nice head smoke.
what i would love to hear from you ace growing people out there who grow in tents, whats systems you use what yelds you get, good, Bad experiences and just some general tent ideas & tips.
look forward to hearing from you guys soon #growersareawesome :thanks:
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