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Tent Lighting/Ventilation Question



I am wondering what type of fan/brand to use for my 4x8x6.6 tent with two 600w lights in it. The lights have the 6" duct connections but I see so many types of 6" fans and I'm not sure which ones the one I need. I will have the 8" filter fan sitting outside the tent as well as both ballasts so my only heat source inside the tent will be the lights. I was looking at the Vortex 6" fan that's around $180 but I am wondering if thats more fan/cost then I need to cool these two light in a single 8' run?
Also do I need to make the light cooling fan intake 4" and the output 6"?


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I have a 4' by 8' tent & temp. was 82 with my 400w. but when I put the 1000w in temps hit 97. I don't use a fan yet but opened the ports on the top of my tent & temps went back down to 84-86. It is a quick solution I do not have the $ for a fan yet. But they look great & does not affect my CO2 at all.Good luck

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Hey Buddy although I am in my first grow I have done a fair amount of research and built my room with what I beleive is the some of the best grow products available and am using a 12 in vortex to exhaust my 11x11 room. Works great and makes very little noise. Hope this helps.
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