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Tent size vs Light question


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would a 600-Watt Light Digital Dimmable HPS MH system be a good size for a 5x5x80inch tall grow tent? I only want it to cover 4-5 plants at a time....Thanks to experts!


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As far as yield to expect...I am not sure....Never done this inside...I am testing this all out. I dont smoke all that much but LOVE to grow it...I have my medical card in Maine and am going to be a caregiver....concentrating on vets with PTSD.....so I am just getting started...outside I have no problem...but inside I have realized I need to be mother nature....wind,rain,temp,humidity etc....this is all new to me...I think I will go with a 1000 watt system without the cooling hood....I am growing in my upstairs in Maine and we have COLD winters and the stairway has a door on it to keep the heat downstairs in my house...I can regulate the temp of the room with heat ducts on the floor...I plan on having a carbon filter sucking out the heat and smell to the outside and a 6inch duct fan on the floor sucking in cool air.....sound ok???

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I might consider a cooltube or hooded lighting system right up front if you plan on growing indoors year round. Look at it like installing a 1000w heater into your tent that also emits a lot of light.



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O would personally go for a 100w with the cooling hood my friend.
Its a personal choice though and the 600 would work as would the 1000w without the hood, I just believe you would do better with my original idea.
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