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Tents backordered till March; Will this work for starting my seeds in the meantime?


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My 2 Secret Jardin DR120 II(4'x4'x6.5') grow tents I ordered are back ordered till March(probably won't receive them till mid March). Well that won't cut it since I need to prepare for my outdoor this summer, and should have sprouted my seeds a few weeks ago.

I figure I gotta get something so I can start my seeds and get things going until my bigger tents arrive. So I've ordered a Secret Jardin DP90(36" x 24" x 24"), which is their propagator tent. I also have HTG's Tek 4 (220watt/20k Lumen) HO T5 light, which is almost 4" thick. So that leaves me 20" of space under the lights. Is this light too intense for this space? I think I can remove 2 bulbs from it without damaging it, and that will lower it to 110w/10k lumen.

Also, if I sprout my seeds late next week, will the propagator tent with 20" of grow space under the light, hold my seedlings for 5-7weeks?

PS. I know there are other brands of tents, but I really want these new Dark Room 2 tents (with level 2 light proofing and better construction). So I'm willing to wait till they come. I just need to start germing my seeds ASAP, so I need some help making sure I can do that and keep them growing till my tents arrive

Here is a link to the propagator tent: ht tp://www.greners.com/grow-tents/secret-jardin/dark-propagator/secret-jardin-dark-room-propagator-dp90.html

And here is the Tek 4 T5 light: ht tp://www.htgsupply.com/Product-HTG-Supply-2-Foot-4-Lamp-PL-55-Tek-Lamp.asp
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