Termite Tent!


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Help fast !!

I am told my townhome will be tented for termites next week. What will this do to my babies? I have 6- 4 foot plants still in Vegatative stage. At least 30 days from flowering if at all. I will probably clone these six plants and flower the clones in a month or so. What will this termite stuff do to my plants?



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Re: Termite Tent !!

probally not much, well..at least i seen houseplants survive it ok. i dont know for sure.
termiting is done with a gas that leaves no residues or anything it just dissapates.
might cover em up with a big bag or something but they'll probally just be wanting some air with the termite stuff in there.

might mostly worry about the workers if they are around your grow unsupervised. last time i had to stash plants i just topped em short and packed em into boxes and taped it up and stuck them way back in a closet and piled a bunch more crap over the boxes. :D
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