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Terrapin's Soil Gorilla Glue Auto Grow Journal- 2020


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First time poster and grower. After lurking for a good while decided to give a shot at cultivating my own. Decided to choose the GG#4 autos given its apparent easy of growing and relatively quicker harvest times. My goal is to successfully produce fruit and cultivate a healthy plant. I've done research over the years and have some basic knowledge of gardening. Hope these things, along with your immeasurable guidance serves well. Despite wanting to bear harvest, I will try my best to maximize yields and so on. However, my main goal is to have a successful first attempt at a minimum, regardless of outcome


Gorilla Glue #4 Auto- 2x

Tent Setup

3x3x6 Grow tent
1200w Samsung Quantum board (Need to verify this again)
Passive air intake
125-240 CFM Exhaust Fan (Variable)

Grow Medium

2 Gallon Fabric Pots (Going with 1 gallon/ per month of growth)- 2x
Organic Grow-
  1. Potting Mix
  2. Blood and Bone soil amendment (roughly 24 tsps)
  3. Perlite
Fertilizers (potentially)
  1. Liquid Seaweed
  2. Fish blood and bone (Liquid)
  3. Worm Castings (for AACT)
* I hope to brew an AACT as a substitute to a cultivated soil through the grow

Week 1

I've signaled the start of my grow by initiating the germination process. For the sake of Autos, I have read/heard that they are best grown in their final containers to reduce shock or loss of growth time, given the autoflowering schedule. However on that end, i worry my pots may be two small. Having only 2 gallons at hand, i assumed GG#4 to have a rough time of a 2 month growth. However, the plant stretches over close to 3 months in most diaries I've referenced. With this concern at hand, naturally my efforts would be to stop rootbinding(?). I hope some control with how I water her will help.

This is where I hope you guys can help.

To start the germ process. I pre-soaked the pots and placed the seed about an inch deep. So far its been 2-3 Days into Germ. To this end i've employed forum contributor @Emilya method of watering autoflowers in final pots. The soil is moist, and i worry to drown the potential seedling. So far i've been using my fingers to test the dampness/ also touching the side of the pot to feel out the moisture. Emilya recommends constantly misting the area with squirts of water however having pre-soaked the soil I worry I'm not able to do that yet. Its been 2-3 days and the soil is still wet/moist from my initial soaking. Taking a small risk i lightly misted the top of the planting area today for both the plants

Hoping to update this journal as soon as the seeds pop. In the meantime i appreciate anyone poking holes and adding questions to help.

Additional Questions/Notes

- I havent had my air circulation off mostly and I worry this is an issue? I've had it go on every now and then to clear some air and replenish the oxygen supply. However would i be wrong to not leave it on continously?

- The third pot is a Chilli plant. I plan to use the grow tent as an incubator to pop it then hopefully move it outside once the weather warms (down under)

-Ignore that small water spill haha. Was just repositioning the third pot into a planter tray and took the photo.

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