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Test @ Concentra sent to Quest Diagnostics used BC Entities Field Kit


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Took a test using BC Field Entities Kit batch made 01/15/14. Took the test at Concentra in Wisco 2 days ago. They told me all testing is done at the lab now. Maybe because of the CMC-10 panel standard screen. Looks like the lab is Quest Diagnostics with address in Kansas. Temp was perfect no suspicions.

I have both failed and passed at this clinic and lab before with a previous employer would that play into why its getting sent to a lab or cant they do the CMC-10 panel standard screen at Concentra? Hence the subbing and not dilution method this time.

SUPER NERVOUS first time subbing told me results would be to the employer in 2-3 business days. Anyone have any experience with BC Entities and Quest?

I will surely re-post results once I get them. So far no call from MRO and assuming the future employer wont even contact me to tell me I passed as I already have a start date of Monday (planned before my test) and they obviously assume I'm going to pass.

Thanks everyone light it up!


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A lab can not share your medical information with multiple employers without your consent and a drug test is medical information. But those prospective employers can call prior employers and ask whether you failed any drug tests.
95% of the time only the strip tests are done in the lab. If they show a preliminary positive then they get sent to the main lab for GC/MS.
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