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Here is a little background about me, I am 22, female, 5ft 8" and I weight 160 lbs with a relatively fast metabolism. I have been a daily smoker for about a year. However, I started cutting down to smoking only a couple times a week (with a few weeks of not smoking at all) starting in June, and I stopped entirely exactly two weeks ago because I started a job search. I was offered a position and was informed of a pre-employment UA drug screen (to be done in a hospital lab setting) on Monday. Since then, I have been drinking over a gallon of water/Gatorade daily, including today. Tomorrow morning is the latest that I was able to push the test, and I have been testing myself at home. This morning I took another at home test (the type where you need two lines to pass) with my first void and I had a very faint (possibly ghost but it still had some color) second/test line. How screwed am I, and is there anything else I can do?
I retested again with a different brand and got the (albeit ever-so-slightly darker) damn faint line again. I know that any line means a negative result, but will the test that I take tomorrow at the hospital be more sensitive? Also, I have started taking B12 and creatine powder and could use some help on how much of those supplements I should take.
If you are going to be subject to the same kind of urine test tomorrow, then you should be fine, no matter how faint a line, it is a line.

However if the urine test you will take tomorrow is a lab test (gc/ms) and not the instant test that you did, then the odds of you passing that test on your own a very slim. The cut-off for that test is a lot lower (home test 50ng and lab test 15ng) also the instant test does not take dilution into consideration, which is fine for a home test, but a lab test will reject the sample right away if the sample is diluted. This may also raise a red flag because the most common thing people try to do to pass a test is drink a lot of water and you don't wnat then to think that is why you are diluted.

If possible, I would suggest a synthetic urine to be sure, but at the very least a natural product. I would go to your local head shop and see what they have and ask the people who work there what is the best natural product they carry.

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