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testimonials? recommendations? what worked for you?


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I have a pre-employment drug test in about six days; I assume urine, as that is the most common.

Has anyone here used related products from 420magazine sponsors? Non-sponsors?

Locally available to me is Puriclean Omni Cleansing Capsules (4) for about $20.

---personal background info--

I smoke quality herb several times daily in very small amounts, totaling about half-a-gram a day.

I have smoked for many years, though my consumption has drastically reduced, especially the last few months.

I smoked yesterday, and will abstain for the next 5+ days until my test.

What does your experience suggest? Thank you in advance.


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I would recommend subbing with someone elses clean urine or synthetic urine. You would qualify as a heavy user and will take at least a month to try and pee clean.


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I would also recommend using a synthetic urine. We offer 2 options: Sub-Solution & Incognito belt

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Puriclean Omni Capsules worked for me!
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