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Testimony of Mr. Rene Carlos Guevara to FDA

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International Drug Scheduling; Convention on Psychotropic Substances; Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs; Butorphanol; Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (Dronabinol); Gamma-Hydroxybutyric Acid; Ketamine;
FDA Comment Number : EC4​

Submitter : Mr. Rene Carlos Guevara
Date & Time: 12/19/2005 01: 12:15
Organization : Mr. Rene Carlos Guevara
Category : Individual Consumer

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This comment is in reguard to Delta-tetrahydrocannabinol, (Marinol).

I'm currently a user of Marinol since I suffer massive neurological damage do to three breaks in my thorasic region (non operable) and two breaks in my cervical spine (titanium hardwear and fusion).

I was prescribed Oxycontin, Vicodin, Morphine and a wide assortment of other opeates in an effort to quell the pain I suffer. There are other neurological issues as well but I think you understand. I was also given Lexapro and other psycho active drugs in an effort to manage depression since I've been incapacitated because of my injuries do to a crushing injury. Therefore, I believe I can give you a consumers eye view of what has transpired to me in reguard to the usage of Marinol and other pain medications.

Before I was prescribed Marinol. My Physician gave me Oxycontin and a host of other "Hard" drugs in an effort to stop the acute pain I suffer. We've tried all or most of them as well as a variety of anti-depressants. Granted, the "hard" drugs did some good dealing with the pain but they did not touch the acute inner pain that nurological disorders have. Also, the "other" drugs made me incapable of functioning since it took so much to mask the pain. I was always knocked out or very immobile. I also was given anti-depressants since my plight was dismal at best.

The possibility of addiction was always present with all the "Hard" drugs since they offered a dynamic physiological change to my body in that I was numbed. Eventually I grew a resistance and a dependancy to these "hard" drugs. They were more a part of the problem rather than the cure. The idea of myself being incapacitated for life was also a strain emotionally for me as well, hence the anti-depressants.

When I found out about Marinol I was guarded since I was reeling from the effects of these "hard" drugs. After I tried the Marinol, I was plesantly surprised by the effect it had on me. I was still very aware, concious and for the most part functional. It did not cure my pain, but it arrested several aspects of my pain, the acute pain that follows the pressure. It also gave me a better feeling in ways that are hard to explain. But please bare in mind, the effects were very mild, suttle if you will. Not the hard and fast effects of "hard" drugs.

The medication comes in 2.5 mg. doses. Since I'm very acute with pain, I was prescribed 30 mg's a day. Though Marinol did not stop all my pain. It still managed to quell the acutness of my injuries. But in no way did I ever come to depend on it since it did not have the same physiological effects the opeates did. It is ever so mild. In a 2.5 mg dose, I felt nothing at all. There was a few instances where I overdosed by accidentally doubling my prescription. The effect was very mild at best, but I slept well that evening.

Since Marinol only has one of the many properties of Marijuana. The effects are not as good. I've tried Medical Marijuana with great success. I live in a state where it's use is permitted for medical use. Marinol in conjunction with Marijuana has become a staple for me since it's effects are like a two prong sword, they assists me in coping with pain and assist me in coping with my emotional distress. Granted, the US Federal Government still has a ban on Marijuana. So Marinol is the second best bet in fighting acute pain. By no means is it addictive, not like the drugs that are available for pain. It just does not have a "rush" factor that others have. It's more a sweet older sister. If only her whole family could come out and help with pain. Sufferers of acute pain would not have to suffer so.

If you need me for more comments...Rene Carlos Guevara
PO Box 118
Hoehne, Colorado, 81046

In closing, Marinol is a relatively inert durg that offers some relief to cronic nurological pain.


Source: Testimony of Mr. Rene Carlos Guevara to FDA
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