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Testing New HSO Genetics: Running Kind LED Xl1000 Grow light, Gorilla Grow Tent

Hey everyone, thanks for tunning in! I'm new to the grow journal world but not so new to writing and growing category so this should be a blast!

Id like to first explain a bit about myself, the lovey grower of these amazing beans I was gifted by Ras at HSO in Spain. I go by Soil Man Dan and have been gardening almost 15 years now, that's half my life! So do the math I have an avid background in soil and compost and am a huge advocate for LED grow lights as an amazing alternative to HID lighting. I was raised on a farm the younger years of my life in a smaller hippy town north of San Francisco and have always had a passion for gardening. I wanted to start a grow journal to help showcase the genetics that were gifted to me. The required skills of growing your own indoors, and to show off the quality that LEDs have reached in the marketplace. I am confident if you follow this grow with me, and ask questions along the way. Not only will you be able to successfully grow your own indoors. But you will see the true benefits of growing with LED grow lights.

Now lets talk a little bit about what will be going in to this grow. As mentioned above, I was gifted seeds from the main breeder at HSO, Ras and the ones we have chosen to start with are the Gorilla Breath and OGKZ. The Gorilla breath is a nice gassy cross of gorilla glue also know as GG4 for copyright reasons and the legendary OGKB. The combination of these two is sure to leave your carbon filters begging for a break! Next up, the OGKZ is a beautiful mix of that sweet candy strain that you can always pick our with your nose, Zkittles and the legendary OGKB as well.
The OGKB is known to add density and potency to anything it touches so I cannot wait to see how these two flourish! These seeds are feminized and there will be no need to seperate males on this run. They are planted in foxfarm light warrior soil, my number one choice for seedlings and they were sowed directly in red cups in the dirt. No soaking, no napkins, real life style. For lighting, the seedlings were started under a Kind LED X40 bar light in a smaller cabinet space and will be moved to a Gorilla Grow tent 4x4 for the remainder of the veg and flower stages. I am choosing to go with my faithful and proven successful Kind led xl1000 for them to live the remainder of their time under.
It comes equipped with a fully adjustable spectrum, built in timers and is a more than comparable replacement to an HID 1000 watt light, plus it only pulls 630watts from the wall! For nutrients, I will be using a company called Lotus Nutrients. They are a bit newer to the game but are not lacking anywhere in results. A water soluble fertilizer that has kept my plants looking amazing since the switch. The last harvest I had was some of the most amazing taste I have encountered and i think the fertilizer and led played a great part in that. LEDs really help with terpenes and resins production and help can jumpstart your grow to the next level. I think that pretty much sums up the setup so lets jump into the grow and see whats going on.

The seedlings were planted on January 11th
4 were planted, 2 of each and germination rate was 100 percent. Awesome start! Nice work Ras! They were placed under the X40 veg bar light by Kind LED and have been under there just over three weeks. You can see the amazing growth in this time below, happy little ladies! I love watching them dance as the fan blows them around! Roots are showing so transplant time is just around the corner. Stay tuned for the next update. We will talk about transplanting, watering schedules, when to move them to the next light, room temps and humidity. Thanks for tuning in to my first grow journal. Hope you enjoy! Much love CannaFam
Hey Everyone, Just a weekly update for ya, the seeds are growing like the fell out of Jacks bag of bean-stocks and are really taking off! I have had to water 3 times a week and have given them their first pest preventative spray. I use three different ones and usually hit them once a week with one of the 3 for a three week series. I start with a simple neem spray as they are smaller, then in the second week I treat them with my all time favorite and serious life saver, Trifecta, this stuff is amazing for pests molds and mildews and leaves no residues! Its truly a magical product! In week 3 I usually step it up a bit and hit them once more with a product called Nukem. Tho it sounds like something you would never want to spray your smoke with it is actually OMRI listed organic and is an absolute life saver! Used in home and commercial grows across the US. Its transplant time for these sweet little girls and they just cant wait to get their new shoes! They will be going into Fox Farm Ocean forest soil in one gallon pots where they will live for about three weeks until they are transplanted to their final home in the gorilla grow tent in 5 gallon pots. When transplanting I always suggest being as careful as possible with the root balls as to not disturb the roots. I treat the planting hole with a small dose of mycorrhizae to promote root growth and help prevent shocking, throw the plant in, hit them with some Ph'd water and they are off to the races.

Currently the plants are still running under 24 hours of light a day under the Kind led X40 Bar light. I usually suggest vegging them under these until the plants have reached there second set of true leaves, at this time they are ready to be moved to the larger light and their forever home. When using soils, most of the time they are fully fertilized and ready for at least 30 days of plant growth so the need for additional fertilizers and feeding is not necessary during this time period. I usually suggest feeding at a half dosage your first time about 3 weeks after transplant. If you notice a leaf tip burn at the very ends of your leaves you are still at peak fertilization and may not require more. If this does not occur water next time as usual and then feed full strength at the following watering. I always suggest at least a water feed water feed regiment when growing in soil to make sure you avoid build ups and lockouts.

Next week i will include pictures of them in there new pots so you can see how much they take off when being transplanted and the roots are able to expand! But until then, enjoy the updated pics below and let me know if you have any questions! Thanks and have an amazing Presidents day weekend!
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