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Texas Class B Misdemeanor Possession of Marijuana Counseling


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I understand that no one here will have an exact answer for my question, but here is my problem. In the past, unfortunately, I have received 1 charge of possession of marijuana >2oz(Class B Misdemeanor) and 2 charges of possession of paraphernalia(Class A Misdemeanor). Never in my life have a I ever received any felony or even a traffic ticket. But once again the good old state of Texas, has got me bent over a table with another possession of marijuana charge. My past charges all expunged, which I realize doesn't really help me in my case.

My question is, has anyone else on the forum been in a similar situation? I want to know if anyone has ever really received any time in county jail in the past year or so for minor possession, with no felonious background or a non-violent background. I'm currently a full-time college student and fear that if I were given time in jail, that it would harm my education and in all likely hood, screw up my entire second year of college.

I am currently clean of all drugs, in case they decide to drug test me at my court date, which is August 3rd. On an off-note, the arresting officer supposedly wrote up a great report about me being honest and very cooperative. I was wondering if maybe that would come into play with my sentencing. I've heard that nowadays, judges in Texas are being discouraged of handing out jail time for small possession charges, but the fact that the 180 days in county jail is looming over my head still worries me.

Please respond with any advice you believe is relevant to my case or with any personal experience that you could share that is at least somewhat similar to mine. Any help is always appreciated.


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I hope you got your answers and you are doing good. Basically if your still waiting it congress down to a few things. More than likely, probation will be all with some drug class. Maybe 6 mos all together. Shouldn't get any jail time, in Tx they are pretty strict but as long as a judge doesn't want to make an example out of you then probation will be the most ( piss test once a month, take a class ).
I had a similar situation. Jail time would be if you screw all that up, and a good lawyer (yes a good one) will probably keep you out of probation for a fee.
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