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Texas Teen Originally Facing Life Sentence For Pot Brownies Accepts Plea Deal

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A Texas teen who initially faced a life sentence for making and selling pot brownies accepted a plea deal this week. He will spend seven years on probation. According to KHOU, Jacob Lavoro plead guilty to a second degree felony: possession of marijuana's active ingredient, THC. The 19-year-old will be formally sentenced next month.

Police originally counted the entire weight of the pot brownies as drugs not just the marijuana or hash oil The sugar, butter, and cocoa used to make the brownies were considered in the weight of the drugs. As a result, Lavoro was charged with a first degree felony -- if convicted, he could have spent life behind bars. The Texas Penal Code states that punishment for a first degree is a "jail term of no less than five years, and no more than 99." Eventually, however, police dropped the first degree felony charge.

Breitbart Texas previously reported that the 19 year old defendant had a clean record at the time of his arrest, and that his attorneys were "prepared to fight." Lavoro's attorney, Jack Holmes, is a former police officer and has more than 20 years of legal experience. He told local media that he was "outraged" and had "never seen anything like" the charges against Lavoro before.


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Well this is unimaginable in a country where Democracy is what they claim to have.
If you convict and prosecute a young man ( 19 ) for making 2 kilo brownies , that might have 2-3 grams of weed , then you are killing the soul of a kid , who before did not have any conviction
Its ABSURD. So sorry to read this story , i hope he finds a way through this!


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It's been a battle since high school, drunk red neck jocks picking on the stoners and nerds. These same red neck jocks have been running our nation for years. We've let them (Republicans), the popular kids (Clintons) and the smart kids (Obama) muck things up for awhile. It's time to let the stoners run the nation for about 12 years.
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