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I've got plans for my girl Texas in the future.

Everyone else wants to end MJ prohibition by passing bills and electing the right people.

Anyone heard of Brown Vs. The Board of Education? Things can be pushed the right direction. I know how. Not only for this, but for much more. But you gotta come at it with a "come and take it" attitude in Texas.

I love Texas, I love her politics, I love her people, I love her placement on the map, I love her shape, I love her attitude, I love her past, I just love her.

And I couldn't just leave her in a time of national debt and a MJless TX. This is not right, and it can not stand. I won't let it stand. Texas can get back to it's roots, history works in cycles. And Texas is Texas.

6 flags? Make it 7.


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Re: Texas :)

Texas is my girl.

Texas's Capitol is a replica of the National monument...But 15ft taller.

The National Energy grid is split into three sections: Eastern states, Western states, and TEXAS.

Texas is still considered its own republic. It is the only state that can honorably fly it's flag as high as the American flag.

Texas can split into 8 states.

The lone star means, "We don't need fifty states, we're good with just the one."

Rick Perry has had more people killed during his time in office, than any other modern governor.(Sorry, I'm from Texas and there ARE reasons for SOME people to die, some people aren't people, they are monsters)

In Texas when you get out of prison, you are still supposed to be able to request and receive a gun and a horse upon release.


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Re: Texas :)

Okay... Okay... You've convinced me! I've been toying with the idea relocating anyway... If you can tell me how to get California's mmj laws (if not better) into Texas, I'm there...like, next week! :thumb:


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Re: Texas :)

We get ALL (most of) the stoners in Texas. Lots of stoners from other states, some stoners from other countries, we set up a couple kegs, and tell everyone to bring weed.
We make a stage, and get everyones attention directed at it, then everyone lights up.
They can't arrest all of us, so they will only get the ring leader.
And if we make it where these people can live somewhere together, or in smaller groups in different places all together, then during the trials we can have thousands of people in front of the courthouse. We can appeal all the way to the state supreme court, and we change the rules, or take the state, and succeed it ourselves :)
Erase the nation debt to zero (for Texas), make it a state of nothing but KINGS :)


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Re: Texas :)

Look at the chart of America, at the bottom.
Tx is THE most dense stoner REGION in America :)
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