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Texomagrass Grow #1 WWA 9-6-2018


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WW4 Day 61 +30
GSC is in 2nd week after flip.
I now have 4 clones from the GSC. They are vegetating slowly under the CFL bulbs.
A few other things in the tent, all in flower.

I started cal-mag a week ago.
Tent is still running Max about 82 degrees except for the couple of days we had in 75 degree weather and that got it up in the 90s. Definitely cannot run this HPS bulb in the summer.


WW4 and GSC today

Clones today




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or you get co2 and run hps in summer, or until it's not blazing summer. How about a mini split? Arn't you in a shed?

No sir. Right now I'm in the extra bedroom. I would like to set it up in the shop and a mini split but not right now. Do you think I can run an LED in the summer and be cooler than this HPS? I don't know what kind of wattage in LED is comparable to this 600W HPS but that's a thought I have. Does the extra CO2 help the plant tolerate higher temperatures?


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yeah, read up on co2, but in house requires many safety precautions. I do run cobs because they are less hot than hps and the best trade off for my location.

what do you keep your house at temp wise when it's shitty and 110 outside?

where does the tent intake / vent from/to?


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I keep the thermostat between 74 and 78 in the summer. Right now when my lights are on my tent is partially open. I have a fan that's blowing at the top of the plants and the face of the hood to cool the light. Running lights from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. and I close the tent when the lights go off.

I'd like to have Timbers model for 4VS but I'm thinking that might be too hot in the summer also.


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End of week 2 -transition on GSC and Mohaccans. WWA's Day 14f+28. Everybody is flowering. 1 male culled from the Mohaccan seeds.
Day 65+30 on WW4.
Clones 1 and 2 got a transplant to 1 gal.

Still running a comparison from Fox Farms and Dyna Gro. I'm not noticing a lot of difference between the two at this point. Both are being supplemented with Botanicare Cal Mag.





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#dynagro - left __________^_______#foxfarms - right

The Dyna Gro plant has more trichomes and weight. Fox Farm plant is bigger. I believe some of the difference is genetics. I'm still not convinced all of these seeds were White Widow Auto's.

The timing on both plants is the same but they look at least a week apart. The third one growing is in between these two in finishing.


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Great photos and good for you growing for a friend. I grew some for a friend, now their exploring their own options....very slowly though.
He's a real good friend and my neighbor. We are setting up an old travel trailer in his backyard for a grow house. Slowly for sure. He has some plants to grow outdoors this year with some clones and some bag seeds. It's awesome to be able to do this legally. I just wish the plant count was a little higher so I could cut more clones at a time. The last three I cut don't look very good.
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