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I recently heard that 45 people were busted for texting about having marijuana. supposidly a big dealer got caught and they tapped into everyones phone that contacted him. everyone that txtd using their phone about selling marijuana were charged with possesion. this is a rumor from a good source. anybody know anything about this... its actually scary if u ask me
Re: Test message tap....

Doubtful. Cops rarely work down the ladder. If they bust somebody, they try to find the person they were buying from, not the people they were selling to. So unless we're talking about really massive quantities here, I find it kind of hard to believe.

Though, a little discretion never hurt anybody. Doesn't mean they won't watch text messages to build a case on somebody.
actually i found out what happend. they traced a phone and everyone that talked about getting it got arrested. they went to their house and busted in with a warrent for their arrest just for having simple txt messages. they didnt have a warrent to search but alot of ppl had stuff lying around and they got charged with that. everyone got a small charge of conspiracy
that has to be bullshit it doesnt even make since for the cops to go through that much effort to pop a couple of stoners unless they were all distributors too
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